The ability to kill germs has always been a priority of products within the sanitizer space, but issues regarding certain facets of their effectiveness has been an ongoing topic of conversation amongst experts. Zylast seeks to improve on several aspects of hand sanitizers to boost their effectiveness in a variety of settings. To this point, Zylast has been called a ‘breakthrough innovation’ for its benefits.

In a recent time-kill testing, Zylast products destroyed over 99.9% of germs within a 15 second time window. For testing, Zylast’s alcohol-based antiseptic, water -based antiseptic lotion, and foaming hand soap showed effectiveness against 25 different bacteria in FDA-specified testing.

Traditional alcohol products only work for 15 seconds, until they dry.  Then the hands can immediately be recontaminated.  This presents an issue when working to protect against germs in a hospital setting. As many as 90,000 people are killed annually by hospital-acquired infections in the US, a statistic that emphasizes the urgency of evolution within the sanitizer and hygiene product space. High level protection sanitizing products are integral to keeping workers and civilians protected against microbes during moments where a sterile environment is crucial.

In contrast, Zylast has been scientifically tested at independent test laboratories and shows significant persistence for six hours.   The persistence of Zylast products is one of the notable differences between the line and standard alcohol-based sanitizer products.  The patented technology is a true leap forward in the sanitizing field.

Zylast recognizes that the current climate has led to an emphasis on hand hygiene, as sanitizers and soaps play an important role in helping people stay healthy. In light of this, Zylast hopes to act as a resource for information on hand hygiene through posts discussing topics such as the importance of protecting hands against dryness and cracking and how Zylast improves on the standard sanitizers have set.